About SixSigma.Us

SixSigma.us is leading companies in implementing Six Sigma and Lean Flow. Areas of specialty are DMAIC, DFSS and Lean Flow. We have a number of outstanding consultants and we have listed a few below.

Peter Peterka is the Principal Consultant in practice areas of DMAIC and DFSS. Peter has eleven years of experience performing as a Master Black Belt, and has over 15 years’ experience in industry as an improvement specialist and engineer working with numerous companies, including 3M, Dell, Dow, GE, HP, Intel, Motorola, Seagate, Xerox and even the US Men’s Olympic Team. For a partial list look here. Peter is a certified a Master Black Belt and holds an MS degree in Statistics from Iowa State and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue. Peter worked for 3M over 10 years where he gained extensive experience applying Sigma Methodologies to a variety of processes.

Peter has successfully developed Six Sigma deployment strategies and training for Product and Process Development, Manufacturing and Business Process Improvement. His broad experience across many technologies helped him gain insight on how to apply Six Sigma methods to Business Processes. (See below)

Peter has traveled internationally over 60 times to lead international projects, led Six Sigma Deployment, lead workshops for managers, business analysts, engineers, process and product developers. Peter has developed and presented numerous waves in Six Sigma and workshops in Design of Experiments, Mixture Experimentation, Statistical Process Control, Test Method improvement and development, Statistical Thinking and Business Process Charting to thousands.

  • Some of his accomplishments include:
  • Directed Improvement Projects saving over $10,750,000
  • Used DFSS methods in over $300,000,000 of Product Development Programs
  • Developed Black Belt, Green Belt and Master Black Belts in four Continents
  • Led deployment of Business Process Measurement System
  • Two Record of Inventions in Technology Development
  • Top Rated DMAIC and DFSS Instructor averaging 4.67/5.0